Who Told You That You Can’t? F*ck That.

Olya Barnett
2 min readFeb 4, 2022
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When I was in elementary school, I had a stage where I wanted to become an actress (pun unintended.) I watched a lot of Shirley Temple and really wanted that life.

So…I did what I do best — I tell my idea to the world. Starting with my best friend.

I was *SO* excited to share this news with her.

But when I told her, I didn’t entirely get the outcome that I thought I’d receive..

Instead, she LITERALLY laughed in my face. Followed by an, “yeah, okay!”

I remember feeling *highly* disappointed after that.

And while I’m certainly no famous actress today, nor is that probably my life purpose, it was an experience that had stuck with me to this day.

..and it has come up over the years and into adulthood *planted in the back of my head* while I make life decisions.

Now, granite, we were kids and we all say stupid shit sometimes (adults too,) but the point is this:

Others’ opinion of you or your ability to do anything that you want is irrelevant to your potential and what YOU decide for yourself.

Words are not the final destination. They are merely an opinion/reflection of someone’s perspective on life and themselves. AKA — irrelevant to your life unless you decide otherwise.

My rule of thumb is to ‘take what resonates and leave the rest’ from each person you interact with and with each experience you have.

I don’t believe that humans are wired to intentionally hurt others (…not unless sometimes they’ve been hurt so bad that they take revenge.) So whether we are getting support (or not) on our dreams and desires, the answer doesn’t hold power in the hands of others (unless you allow it to.)

If you believe those opinions, then you’re being shown to shed some light on that perspective and go deeper and uncover (and perhaps heal) what’s underneath.

Their opinion of your capabilities and such are all irrelevant — other than a map walking you home to yourself. We are all just living our own journeys with our own perspectives, opinions, and life lessons. With our own drama’s, problems, and focuses’, You can’t base someone’s words off their potentially bad day or life.

No matter the support you have (or lack-there-of,) your dreams are always up to you at the end of the day. And let’s be real - if you didn’t have the potential, why would your soul want it?

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