“The Eye Only Sees What the Mind Is Prepared to Comprehend.” -Unknown

Olya Barnett
1 min readDec 23, 2021

““The eye only sees what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” -Unknown

Could it be possible to live in denial your entire life? Sure. And, would you want to if it kept you happy?

Or does that happiness have a peak? — not ever really reaching the fullness of who we are and what we deserve?.

Is it a better idea to wake to our own bullshit and get out of our own way to create the life we want? Or is it a better idea to stay stagnant, comfortable, yet fully reached its peak?

So, it’s getting out of your own way and moving on.

Or continue to play out your inner demons, shadow, and lower-vibe-self, prohibiting both growth and alignment.

You can stay comfortable and unhappy your whole life.

Or you can grow and reach alignment with your life.

The choice is ours, yet we have to learn how we’re getting in our own way first before consciously choosing if we want to remain or grow. Neither wrong. Just a choice on what kind of life you want to have. Settled or limitless.

Olya Barnett

A Soul having a human experience while learning how to get out of her own way and empowering those along the way with one writing or creative piece at a time!