In My 👁️ : Addiction Is…

Olya Barnett
2 min readAug 23, 2022

💭 Addiction is when you can’t reach a certain feeling sober because there are too many things in the way. So you reach for that feeling by choosing the quick fix with short-term, (and usually more consequences) results.

You become addicted to that feeling and need to escape to it, yet fail to acknowledge that it’s that very thing that’s stopping you first and foremost from receiving that VERY feeling.

The quick fix to Source, Alignment, love, etc.,

So you develop shame and other deteriorating emotions around the addiction and about yourself. After all, at the end of the day, you know better; your soul does anyway. But you’re not yet ready to get out of your own way. Because the quick fix is quicker, better, and gets the job done — but it’s also all you know. And again, it has its limitations (constricting of self rather than expansion.)

To give less power to that release (drug, alcohol, etc.,) and acknowledge the power within.

But you don’t feel like you’re more significant than it.
You’re focused on the absence of that emotion and the easy fix rather than working on eliminating the distractions so you can reach that nirvana naturally 🎈

We like to fill the void in our wounds with bandaids and quick fixes, yet that’s all they are. We must learn to be whole inside-out, with a balance of outside in (ie., nature is medicine) to help us thrive inside out!

Running is much easier than owning up to our chases that have turned into toxic cycles.

So we run for as long as we can until we can’t anymore.

Whether that ends well or not.. is a choice we’re left with before we make our next move.

If you walk away with anything from this short read, let it be that your potential is infinite compared to your problems ✨ always choose love💗

You are the ocean, and your problems are merely a drop.

Olya Barnett

A Soul having a human experience while learning how to get out of her own way and empowering those along the way with one writing or creative piece at a time!