Feel your feelings, and then let them go.

Olya Barnett
3 min readJan 29

Today, we’re talking about letting go of the residual e(motions) that reside in you but no longer serve your highest good or, simply said the now-version-of-you. It’s a simple but powerful practice to allow yourself to feel your feelings, and then let them go.

We all have emotions, and it’s a human right to be able to work through those emotions to help ourselves in this crazy journey in life. But school doesn’t teach us this. So we need to learn it on our own because life is insane at times, and if we don’t give ourselves permission to let go of our emotions, then they reside with us and turn into the baggage that we carry.

It’s not easy, however, to sit with these emotions and release them. Oftentimes, it is difficult to go back to that place and experience that f*cked us up in the first place. But if we push them away, the avoidance of feelings those *feels* and moving through them, leaves us missing our opportunity to not only learn and grow but to have the life we still yearn for without feeling stuck in the past.

Once you’ve taken the time to sit with and process your feelings, it’s time to let them go. This doesn’t mean you are no longer allowing yourself to feel your feelings. It just means you have allowed yourself to experience and process it, and now it’s time to move on.

Here are four ways to let those e(motions) go:

Write your feelings down: on a daily basis, you can take five minutes and journal how you are feeling right now or about a particular subject. Give it some intentional time, and then let it go.

Breathing exercise: When you’ve set your intention, begin by taking deep breaths helps to calm you down and clear your mind. You can even focus on the breath and use it as an anchor for when you start to feel overwhelmed. Focus on a subject you’re trying to lean into, and feel the emotions knowing you’re [outside-in] — aka not experiencing them right now, but rather, in your imagination. Since they linger, feel them out, and move out of them when you’re ready.

Movement: Movement is one of the easier and funner way to move through your emotions by incorporating motion. After all, emotions are just energy in motion. So set your intentions and turn on a song…

Olya Barnett

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