Being Conscious of Where Our Energy Goes

Olya Barnett
2 min readNov 10, 2021

So often, we give energy to things that don’t serve our highest good or even general wellbeing. Sometimes we can feel these tugs by our intuition and the constant strain that lingers. The feeling that quite never goes away. We’re scared to give it up because perhaps we believe we won’t get anything “as good” or that we may not have it again, or even scared of what that (empty) space could mean for us. Settling for the comfortable even though we go against our intuition has a lot more of a negative ripple effect than we can imagine.

For one thing, it doesn’t help anyone involved. Secondly, you’re missing out on all the blessings that are meant for you. Thirdly, the exact thing you’re “avoiding” by staying in comfort is only going to rawr louder as time goes on. So there’s no real avoidance of anything; we’re just making our job harder than anything else.

So what do we do in cases like this? Well, first, we have to ask ourselves the hard questions:

What’s my intuition say about this/how do I feel about this and why?

And two, what am I avoiding by keeping this in my life?

Sometimes these questions aren’t so easy to answer, so be gentle with yourself and meditate on them or go for a walk in nature and let Pachamama (Gaia) bring you peace and wisdom.

But no matter what, you’ve got this. Whether you decide to stick with comfort a little longer or whether you’re ready to fly and soar right now — the universe ALWAYS has your back.

And as wisdom goes, some of our most important lessons lay in the darkness of our experiences.

That’s not to say anything is good or bad per se; all experiences are merely expansions of our soul and, therefore, the universe.

Wherever you are, I wish you nothing but joy, love, and radical courage. Life is what we make it y’all.



Olya Barnett

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